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Emeco Navy Chair

Emeco Navy Chair

Emeco’s Navy Chair is a design classic known for it’s iconic curves and lightweight aluminum properties. In an eco-improvement upon this classic design, the company collaborated with Coca Cola to create an almost identical version of the Navy Chair made from 111 recycled plastic bottles! Dubbed 111 Navy, the chair will premier at the Milan Furniture Fair this week and will be ready for purchase beginning next month at Design Within Reach.

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 111 Navy Chair by Emeco Made of Up-Cycled Coke Bottles

Although the 111 Navy chair is an exact replica of the aluminum 1944 Navy chair, it took designers two full years to develop the new material composition and manufacturing process. Coca-Cola’s goal for the 111 Navy project was “to alter consumer behavior by illustrating the value of rPET with beautifully designed and everyday products – ultimately encouraging more recycling.” A new plan has been put into action to recycle three-million Coca-Cola bottles per year for the production of the 111 Navy.

The chair is made from a hollow one-piece injection-molding with 60% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. Glass fiber is used for reinforcement and pigment is added for color. Emeco first designed the Navy chair for ships during World War II and if truth be told, the voluptuous seat imprint was inspired by pinup star Betty Grable and her curves. The seat detail lends itself to incredible structural integrity and is incorporated into the 111 Navy design, which comes with a 5-year structural guarantee.


The new chair is finished in a semi-gloss subtle surface texture that is scratch-resistant and pleasant to the touch. The new finish will prevent the chair from becoming as hot or cold as the previous aluminum surfaced chair. The 111 Navy leg bottoms are detailed with semi-frosted transparent polycarbonate glides that give the chair a floating appearance.

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