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Steel chair with U.S. Navy Department Crest, with a baked polyester powder coat finish and plastic feet to protect floors. This heavy-duty chair is fabulous and durable.

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Minimum-Affordance Side Chair

Minimum-Affordance Side Chair 

Chairs are difficult to build when compared to other furniture. Nomadic Furniture, a book otherwise replete with good, simple plans for quality do-it-yourself furniture, equivocates on the issue of chairs: "We think that 'dining' chairs, which also work as desk chairs, can be bought cheaply that you should not try to build one." (p.11) Although the book and its sequal do include several more-or-less successful plans for chairs, these are all of the "lounge" variety, and would serve poorly as dining chairs. Lounges are not expected to be as mobile as dining chairs; they can be difficult to move and still serve their function adequately, and easing the weight constraints thusly makes things much easier for the DIY designer. A dining or "side" chair, however, is expected to be readily pushed out, or pushed in, or shuffled around to accomodate guests.

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Make fabric covers for metal chairs to add beauty to the institutional metal chairs provided with the rental of many wedding reception halls. The covers could be made in traditional white or ivory, or would be particularly stylish when sewn to match the colors of the wedding party.

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Metal chair

metal chair

Wow, this would be a great chair to serve someone sitting in it "spiked" drinks!!!!!!! They and you would have to be careful though, they could easily get nailed!!!!

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