Emeco Navy Chair ( 1006 Chair)

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Emeco Navy Chair ( 1006 Chair)

Emeco Navy Chair ( 1006 Chair)  

Product Description

Ship's ahoy. Emeco has been making their aluminum Navy Chairs using a unique 77-step process since 1944. Given the 150-year warranty, chairs produced for battle in WWII are still under warranty today. That's shelf life. As a plus, the chairs are beautiful -- simple, clean, and three-times the strength of steel. Use four as dining chairs next to a dark wooden table or add a polished one to your livingroom for some punch. Either way they will add an industrial element to your apartment.

Additional Information

Brand Emeco
Materials Brushed, powdercoated or polished aluminum.
Designer Emeco
Features Eco-friendly: Emeco uses 80% recycled aluminum, which requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce virgin aluminum.
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