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How to Make Metal Chair Covers for a Wedding

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Make fabric covers for metal chairs to add beauty to the institutional metal chairs provided with the rental of many wedding reception halls. The covers could be made in traditional white or ivory, or would be particularly stylish when sewn to match the colors of the wedding party.

How to Make Metal Chair Covers for a Wedding

Step 1
Make a pattern by standing a sheet of newspaper on the seat of the chair and leaning it up against the back. Hold in place with tape. From the reverse side, trace around the sides and top of the chair back. Lay a second sheet of newspaper on the chair seat, butting one edge up against the bottom edge of the chair back, and trace around the sides and front of the seat. Remove the paper and straighten lines and curves if needed.

Step 2
For the chair back, measure out 1 inch from the original line and make a dotted line parallel with the solid line. For the chair seat, make the dotted line 3 inches out from the solid line. Cut the newspaper on the dotted lines. Cut two pattern pieces for the back and one pattern piece for the seat.

Step 3
Check the fit by taping the two back pieces together like a pillowcase and slipping it over the back of the chair. If the chairs are folding type and have braces at the corners, you will have to leave several inches of the side seam at the bottom open. Adjust and remark pattern pieces as needed for a proper fit. With the back cover in place, lay the seat pattern on the seat and tape the back edge of the seat to the front bottom edge of the chair back, allowing equal lengths of the seat cover to drape over the sides of the seat.

Step 4
When you are satisfied with the fit of the slipcover, pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut along the dotted lines. When cutting, also leave a ½ -inch seam allowance at the back of the seat cover and the bottom edge of the back cover, where the seat and back join. You will have two back pieces and one seat piece.

Step 5
With right sides together, sew the two back pieces together. Turn right-side out. Sew the seat cover to the back, centering the fabric as you did the pattern. Turn under all exposed raw edges by making ½-inch hems and zig-zagging around the seat and on the bottom of the back of the chair cover. Replace the chair cover.

Step 6
Cut four 18-inch lengths of ribbon. At each chair leg, position one ribbon on the part of the chair seat that drapes over. Pin, then sew the center of the ribbon in place. Tie to the chair leg, first wrapping the ribbon to the back and bringing it forward again so that a bow will be visible.

Step 7
Using a longer length of ribbon and more loops, make a larger bow to tack to the back of the chair.

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