modern navy chair

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 modern navy chair

modern navy chair

Designer: Emeco
Timeless modern chair admired today and indefinitely. Stools that have spanned generations and cultures.

Built individually by a handful of craftsmen. 77 painstaking steps at a time. The enduring Emeco Classics.

Brushed or polished aluminum

Brushed aluminum, polished aluminum, or powder coated in Gloss white, Matte Black, or Matte Clear (used for outdoor projects).

Brushed: To give our chairs a brushed finish, we anodize them. Basically we put them through an electrolytic process. Which turns Aluminum to Aluminum oxide. Making it nearly as hard as diamonds. All very technical. But how does it feel? We like to think the brushed finish is a doing finish. A working chair. Utilitarian. Knock aboutable. You can feel the toughness. Industrial yet warm.

Polished: Emeco chairs aren’t just polished. They’re polished 3 times, by hand First the individual parts. Then the assemblies. Finally the completed chair. Taking 8 hours it total. It’s what gives them their luxurious look. They feel sensual, smooth, almost soft. One customer even told us it was like climbing into silk sheets. Our polishers were happy.

Powder coated:  We take an anodized chair and add some color. Simple, well sort of. Electric current is passed through the chair, which attracts the colored sprayed powder. We then bake it at 35°C degrees for a uniform coating. It feels just like our brushed finish, just more colourful.

With arms or armless. Seat pad also available by special request in black vinyl or C.O.M/C.O.L. Fire retardant foam.

chair - 16.3" W x 19.5" D x 34" H x 18" seat height
armchair - 20.8" W x 19.5" D x 34" H x 18" seat height

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Stefan Need 30 of these and 10 of the same but bar size. What's the price and how do you ship to Europe?
BR Stefan
2013-1-25 0:05:29 【Reply】
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